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Arizona Coast Performing Arts ~ About Our Dance Studio

3476 McCulloch Blvd. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404

Experienced, passionate teachers providing technique and performance skills in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Pointe & Musical Theatre. For ages 3-Adult.

Classes Mondays through Thursdays.
Click to open the ACPA attire and class etiquette guidelines:


Dear ACPA Students and Parents,

Here is an update on the continuance of dance classes for this year. I am sorry things keep changing but I am doing what I can, based on the information at hand. As of Monday, May 4th, we will resume dance classes at the studio. If you are able, you can take the classes live at the studio or you can take the class on Zoom. Classes will be on their usual day and time. The exception to that is Hip Hop and Beginning Musical Theatre on Friday. Hip Hop will be combined with Jazz 3 on Wednesday at 4:30pm. Beginning Musical Theatre will be on Wednesday at 2:30pm. All classes will be working on their showcase pieces. Please go to Facebook and join “Current Arizona Coast Performing Arts students and parents”. Ask to join and you will be accepted. May’s tuition will remain the same. If you do not use Facebook, text Lauren to create a group text. Lauren: 928-208-2273. You will need to check this site on each class day for your zoom code.

We are planning on the following safeguards:  1.  All students will wash their hands before and after class. 2.  Students can wear masks, if desired. 3.  We will not be using the barre. 4.  There will be extra cleaning of the common areas, bathrooms and doorknobs. 5.  No parents, visitors or siblings will be watching classes in the lobby.

Showcase dates have changed again. The new dates are Friday, June 5th, Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th. Your already purchased tickets will automatically change to these new dates.

If you choose to not finish the dance year with us, I am also including our new Fall dance schedule and registration form. To register, you must include first month’s tuition. Also, many tuition monies are still due for December, January, February & March. Please call me to check your account balance. Grace Ann: 928-716-3373. I will be sending out invoices asap. Please, feel free to call with any questions.

Additionally, we are still taking registration for our summer workshops (Snow White). If you wish to register, please call the Box Office, leave your info and they will call you back. This workshop is for ages 5 thru eighth grade. Box Office: 928-505-2787.

Lastly, to help us better serve you, PLEASE make sure you send a return “got it” email to Eileen at  It would be exceptionally helpful if you could let us know if you will participate at the studio, zoom and showcase, as well.


Grace Ann Etcheberria-Jacobs


AUGUST 6 – Dance Registration 4:00-6:30pm for new students at Arizona Coast Performing Arts Dance Studio, 3476 McCulloch Blvd.

What a great dance year we have had!  Showcase was a blast and the dancers have all progressed so much. Thanks parents for supporting your dancers in their dreams and thank you for trusting me and my team with your children.  Enjoy your summer and we hope to see you all in August.  Here is our 2020-2021 dance schedule.



Ballet 1                                  3:30pm

Jazz 1 & 2                              4:30pm

Ballet 2                                  5:30pm

Modern (Intermediate)        6:30pm


Pre Ballet/Tap                       3:00pm

Tap 1 & 2                              4:00pm

Tap 3 & 4                              5:00pm

Tap 5 & 6                              6:00pm

Ballet 6                                  7:00pm

Pointe                                     8:00pm


Musical Theatre                    3:30pm

Jazz 3                                     4:30pm

Jazz 5                                     5:30pm

Modern (Advanced)            6:30pm


Hip Hop                                2:30pm

Jazz 3                                     3:30pm

Ballet 3 & 4                           4:30pm

Ballet 5                                  5:30pm

Ballet 6                                  6:30pm

Jazz 6 (7)                               7:30pm

Monthly Tuition

1 class per month $50.00, Each additional class per month will be $30.00


Ballet                 $50.00

Tap 1 & 2           $30.00

Jazz 1                 $30.00

Total                 $110.00/month

All returning students have first priority to register by mail.  Please fill out the registration form below

And return with your first month’s tuition.  Places will not be held without payment.  We limit our classes to 16.  Once the class is full, you will be placed on a waiting list.  Returning students, please take advantage of this early registration or you may not get into your favorite classes.  We will be accepting new students at Fall registration on Thursday, August 6th from 4 to 6:30pm. Registration will be held at the dance studio, 3476 McCulloch Blvd.  Classes will begin on Monday, August 10th.